Monday, May 2, 2016

Ooops there's no FOCAL POINT....

Last week I decided to do a little study of a window from a local historical building.  I was unfocused while I was working, and my picture really has no FOCAL POINT or center of interest.  I sort of got lost in the rusty palette and left out the most important stage of planning and sketching. 
There's always next time.


  1. I tell my class that rules are meant to be broken sometimes. I love these rich colors. And it sounds like you had fun with it. Lots of texture, too. Focal point, schmocal point!

  2. Laurie, I love that "focal point, schmocal point" comment. Pretty darn funny. Maybe I can revisit my window painting and put some creepy person looking out from the inside. I really like to paint big, so these daily little paintings are a grind on some days. Enjoyed your bird painting! Joan