Saturday, April 23, 2016

Successful Daily Painting

I have done over one hundred paintings as a daily painter and I encounter the same problem every time: trying to complete a painting in two hours or so.  I am working on solving this problem, and I think it is mostly due to picking complex subject matter.  Today I selected this succulent plant in a tin that was a favor from a wedding.  It is simple, visually exciting because of the reflection of the metal tin, and I put up a simple yellow backdrop. I paint with a brush first and then complete the smaller areas with a palette knife.  Because I have finished in two hours, I still have studio time left to work on other projects. 


  1. I love it, Joan, and Standing in Muck, too. I've been busy with a new puppy-he's not letting me paint!

    1. Laurie,I was just realizing I hadn't seen your bright colors lately. Good luck with the puppy and get back to that easel! lol